Vodafone Qatar has expanded the rollout of its GigaNet fibre network in West Bay, with more than 55 commercial and residential towers now connected. Thousands of businesses, hotels and government institutions operate out of the commercial district of West Bay. Vodafone Qatar’s fibre enables a large suite of business services including high-speed Corporate Internet, Security services, Broadband and Fixed Voice solutions. Vodafone Qatar has started delivering a full suite of services to the hospitality sector in West Bay, including IPTV content, international connectivity to global offices and in-room connectivity through high speed Wi-Fi. Moreover, Vodafone Qatar’s fibre network enables West Bay’s office workers to communicate using fixed voice lines, tailored to their needs, with capacity ranging from one to thousands of fixed voice numbers in the same premises. Vodafone Qatar supports the country’s booming SME and SOHO sector with the market’s best value Broadband packs, helping them to stay confidently connected via high internet speeds, landlines and free tools to build and host their company website.The fibre network also benefits the hundreds of residents living in West Bay, who can enjoy ‘GigaHome’, Vodafone’s home internet solution. Vodafone GigaHome covers homes of every size with guaranteed Wi-Fi in every room using a state-of-the-art Giga- Wi-Fi Hub which provides high-speed internet. Additionally, customers can enjoy free landline local calls and free lifestyle offers - including the Vodafone ENTERTAINER and Wavo by OSN - that provide great family entertainment with an array of live channels from around the world, award-winning TV shows and on-demand movies. Vodafone Qatar is rapidly progressing towards completely covering the heart of Qatar’s commercial centre with its state-of-the-art high-speed fibre that will help the vast number of organisations operating there to optimise, automate and innovate.

Regional Markets indices ()

Name Last Change (%) Value
Abu Dhabi 5,093.29 0.13 155,023,090
Dubai 2,780.01 1.62 252,839,861
Saudi 7,635.82 1.56 2,602,270,252
Kuwait 6,299.66 0.06 12,777,275
Qatar 10,427.96 0.06 262,220,175
Muscat 4,005.35 0.05 622,146
Bahrain 1,527.12 0.08 688,313
Egypt 14,205.86 0.02 720,277,172
Amman 1,819.14 0.08 4,802,467
Palestine 517.40 0.07 358,443


Name Last update Closing Price Change %
Brent Oct-17 59.91 0.82
Natural Gas Oct-17 2.32 0.65
Gold Oct-17 1,498.30 0.09
Silver Oct-17 17.61 0.18
Platinum Oct-17 893.00 0.23
Nymex Light Oct-17 53.93 1.07

Global Market Indices

Name Opening price Closing Price Change%
Dow Jones 27,032.40 27,025.88 0.09
Nasdaq 8,119.81 8,156.85 0.4
S&P 500 3,000.77 2,997.95 0.28
Name Opening price Closing Price Change%
Frankfurt 12,655.32 12,654.95 0.12
Paris 5,679.92 5,673.07 0.42
London 7,167.95 7,182.32 0.2
Stockholm 631.89 633.43 0.41
Switzerland 10,023.99 10,008.94 0.23
Name Opening price Closing Price Change%
Shanghai 2,982.34 2,964.31 0.44
Hong Kong 26,809.04 26,812.21 0.14
Jakarta 6,185.22 6,190.79 0.16
Tokyo 22,528.56 22,576.96 0.56


Name Rate Last update
EURO/USD 1.113 Oct-18
GBP/USD 1.285 Oct-18
USD/JPY 108.552 Oct-18
USD/CHF 0.987 Oct-18