Qatar Stock Exchange, in cooperation with MSCI, held a senior level sustainability and ESG engagement session, titled MSCI Qatar ESG & Climate Change Forum in Qatar, with the aim to promote the business case for ESG and sustainability, outline QSE’s sustainability action plan to attract responsible investors, provide an overview of global investor assessment approaches to ESG, and serve as the soft launch for the QSE Sustainability and ESG Dashboard.The participants discussed various topics in relation with integration and implementation practices of ESG factors in an asset allocation framework and investment strategy.

The participating speakers and panelists also discussed how are investors approaching ESG Ratings, climate risks, board diversity and other key ESG considerations, as well as the ESG integration best practices for asset managers. The event continued to build upon QSE’s leadership efforts to promote sustainability, including the launch of the QSE Guidelines on ESG reporting in December of 2016.Commenting on the event, the CEO of QSE Mr. Rashid Bin Ali Al Mansoori said that His Highness, the Emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, took part in the recent United Nations Climate Action Summit where, in his speech, he reiterated Qatar’s commitment to sustainable development and combatting Climate Change, which are key pillars of the Qatar National Vision.Al-Mansoori added that all of these events were centered on the subject of sustainability and highlighted QSE support of sustainability: "Qatar Stock Exchange strongly supports the ambitions of reaching a well-informed investment environment and believe that by undertaking this engagement session, we will promote the sustainability agenda among our investors, listed companies and the business community within the State of Qatar and thus contribute to the realisation of the human, economic, social and environmental pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030.

”“Investors worldwide are increasingly incorporating sustainability factors into their investment decisions, and we are convinced that companies that effectively communicate their sustainability strategies will improve their capital raising abilities and have an overall competitive advantage”, Mr. Al-Mansoori added.The surge in global investor interest, combined with the opportunity for improved performance for companies and their investors, were two key reasons why QSE joined the Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative (SSEI) in 2016.

As part of the SSEI, QSE recently released its Guidelines on ESG Reporting to encourage ESG reporting by QSE-listed companies.Qatar Stock Exchange has made great strides in the field of transition to sustainable Stock Exchange through the promotion of the best disclosure, investor relations and ESG practices among the market stakeholders.

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